Friday, February 24, 2012

On Divisive Atheists and Some Freethought Bloggers

In February 2002, four years before his book The God Delusion was released in 2006, Richard Dawkins called atheists to arms in a TED talk. His talk wasn’t aired until April of 2007. He makes it clear he wants a campaign much like the gays used to gain acceptability in American society. His final sentence was, "let's all stop being so damned respectful."

At that point there was a split among atheists. A line was drawn in the sand. Although I admit that his approach has been very effective in getting people to take notice of atheists, at the same time I object to the demand that other atheists must adopt that same attitude or approach.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Things I Know That Freethought Bloggers Should Take Note

There are a few things that I'm fairly confident about.

1) I'm a good person, a caring person. The atheists attacking me do not know me and have never sat down over some coffee or a beer to know this. They would like me if we did. I know this. We have a great deal in common too. It's easy to dehumanize someone whom you have never met.
2) I try not to sweat the small stuff, and it's mostly small stuff. My age gives me this perspective.
3) I've faced bigger challenges and survived, much bigger.
4) Bad press is still good press. That goes for Hollywood and it goes here as well.
5) People forget and move on eventually. Time is on my side. It's something to talk about that will die down soon enough. Then in a few weeks they'll find someone else to vilify. It's what people do. We set the boundaries for the people we want to include in our in-grouping by excluding others.
6) The largely confrontational activist type of atheism at Freethought Blogs is not representational of atheism among most academics. This is not to say it isn't needed, because it is, very much so. It's just not representational of academic atheists.
7) Most atheists and most Christians aren't even aware of our dispute, and most of those who have heard don't give a damn. After all, it doesn't affect their lives one bit.
8) Some Freethought Bloggers have an exaggerated sense of their own importance in the over-all scheme of things. It's easy to think this since people choose to believe what they prefer is true. But I know enough to know that I'm not important much at all.
9) Most of us use words as weapons (and I'm no exception). We construct arguments against others just because we don't like them. Sometimes our disputes are merely saying "I don't like you," with no real substance at all. When we see ignorance then we can be pretty sure that's what's going on.
10) I have plenty of friends but no personal atheist friends to hang out with where I live. I am not part of any atheist organization. Nor do I have any institutional support. I have gone it alone from the time I rejected Christianity until now. So the atheists attacking me cannot do me any harm. They can only harm our combined effectiveness.

Monday, February 20, 2012

News Flash: Loftus is Now In a Mental Facility

[Edit on August 26, 2012: For those of you new here I have explained in some detail my objections to PZ Myers, Ed Brayton and Freethought Blogs. There are two pages of posts where I have done this. Just click here for the oldest page. For the most recent page click here. On both pages my posts are to be read in reverse chronological order beginning with the oldest page.

What you'll see directly below is a bit of humor, my initial satirical take on it all, even though I could not stay in that cesspool one more day. They have subsequently treated me just like religious people do to apostates, which I think is utterly unreasonable. After all, just because I left Freethought Blogs doesn't mean I left free thought. In truth, I am their ally in our common fight against religion. Cheers.]

AP- Reported by Anonymous:

Indiana State Troopers were able to disarm John W. Loftus of two 38 Colt Specials in a crowded grocery store as he threatened suicide. "All he could be heard mumbling was that he was going to turn his guns on atheists," State Trooper Chris Hallkist told us.

Loftus is an atheist.

Judge Richard Carrion issued the order to place him in a straightjacket and locked in a padded cell until he recognizes he's insane. "That's the first step for his healing," he said.

"We knew he was going off his rocker when he quit Freethought Blogs," Ed Brayer said. "No one in his right mind would leave us. After all, our blog basically rules the whole known world."

Natalie Red is a new Freethought blogger who says, "What set him off was a grandiose notion about his own self-importance. He claims that it's his way or no way. Unlike other atheists he says he's making an enormous difference, and that others were not making a difference at all. He even had the gall to compare himself to Socrates."

We agree. No rational person would think or say these things.

Daniel Finicke, another Freethought Blogger, commented: "I knew he was headed for this when he could not distinguish between what he wrote and what he meant. He wrote, 'I guess it doesn’t matter what one’s credentials are to be here, now does it? After all, diversity is much more important.' What he meant was that 'Natalie Red is not qualified to be at Freethought Blogs but is only there because of our concern for diversity.'"

Sure, that's obvious. Anyone with a brain could see this.

Who knows what set Loftus off the deep end?

Perhaps it was because Christians started praying for him to die. Or, maybe it's because after so many years of being viciously attacked by Christians the last straw was being dismissed by his allies? We may never know.

It's not likely Loftus is going to admit he's insane any time soon though. All he keeps mumbling is that "I've got to turn my guns on atheists." PZ Meijers, head of the undisclosed mental facility, is concerned, saying "he may still try to take his own life."

Why This Blog?

Because I need a place where I don't have to worry what Christians will think, since they believe atheists are angry and hateful people. Because I need a place where I can answer my atheist critics out of the earshot of Christians. Because I need a place to vent. Stay tuned.

[Edit: This blog would have largely gone under the radar had not PZ Myers linked to it. That's the way it goes sometimes.]